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Firm Overview

CFO Advisors is a leading Fractional CFO provider, specializing in partnering with Artificial Intelligence startups. Our founder-first philosophy and ownership mindset are central to our approach, from reading hundred-page whitepapers on our client’s industries to attending technical AI conferences, we are relentlessly focused on staying at the forefront of industry and “earning the right” to advise our clients.

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Our Mission

Being a founder is one of the most unrelenting pursuits imaginable. Without the right systems, metrics, and financial strategy, you’re building a plane while flying it — all while completely blindfolded. This harsh reality is why, according to CB Insights, a staggering 40% of startups fail due to operational and financial challenges, not product-market fit.

At CFO Advisors, we give founders an unfair advantage by serving as a long-term, white-glove partner building best-in-class financial operations and G&A foundations. We empower founders to scale generational companies with confidence and clarity.

CFO Advisors is on a mission to halve the startup failure rate and double the pace of innovation across the country. The path ahead is uncertain, and CFO Advisors might fail, but the importance of this mission compels us to fight for every founder's success.

Join us redefining how startups operate. Together, we will write the startup playbook and build a world where every founder has a fair shot at solving the most critical problems facing our society today.

Financial strategies designed for your industry

We’ve crafted financial strategies that are tuned to the specific needs and nuances of your sector. Let’s navigate the future together, with financial solutions as unique as your business.

Our Partners

We partner with the best in the industry, integrating with everything you’re already using.

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